Co.As.It’s Visitation Program provides friendly one to one visits by volunteers in private home on a weekly basis or fortnightly visitation in residential aged care facilities. Visits conducted in residential aged care facilities are rolled out as either one to one visits or as a group activity.

The program was initiated through the leadership of Sir James Gobbo in 1984 and from a simple concept of visiting lonely and frail elderly Italian speaking individuals has grown to provide friendship and socialisation to many who find themselves socially isolated due to ageing in a non-native country. The program now receives funding through the Commonwealth Home Support Program which has enabled the program to expand throughout the metropolitan area of Melbourne and regional Victoria in Shepparton.

Clients are referred to the program by professionals working in the aged care sector, doctors, social workers, clergy, family members or by the individual themselves. 

For enquiries call 03 9349 9028 or email